Vehicle Depreciation: Higher Deduction Allowed

If you acquire and place into service a new or used passenger vehicle in 2018 and use it over 50% for business, you can depreciate up to $18,000 if you elect to claim first-year bonus depreciation. This is a dramatic increase from last year’s amount of $11,160. Even if you choose not to claim the bonus, the first-year deduction is $10,000 ($3,160 for 2017). The new law also adds the ability to take the bonus depreciation for a used automobile as long as you or your business has never used it previously.

You should also note that the above vehicle depreciation caps do not apply to trucks, vans or SUVs that are rated at 6,000 pounds loaded gross vehicle weight. For example, if you purchase an SUV costing $70,000 and use it 60% for business, you could potentially deduct $42,000 of depreciation for that first year!
All tax rules have their quirks, so make sure to give me a call if this sounds like something you might be considering.